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Our mindset sets the tone for our lives. Our dominating thoughts inform our actions. If we learn the techniques of positive mindset development, we can literally change our lives ourselves. Are you tired of feeling like you have little control over your life, business, or emotions? Are you unsure of which direction you should be going in? Are you struggling with things like anxiety, self-confidence, or letting go of negative people in your life?   This book is for you.

Green Light Manifestations…

A)  Explores how to make drastic changes in your life by using your mind, positive energy, and purposeful action to manifest the life you want.

B) Teaches you how to visualize, create daily rituals, cleanse energy, handle negative people, and more!

C) Contains helpful worksheets, homework, and templates to help you take action today.


Khadija Jordan, a Washington D.C. Native and former marketing company CEO turned executive coach, teaches individuals how to develop a success mindset and release things like anxiety, self-doubt, fear of rejection in order to reach their goals.

“This is the kind of handbook that is the perfect foundation for a major mental shift that can change your life.”

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“I read it and I LOVE IT!!!! I really do. Its great, I love your examples from your life. I love how you mentioned food. People don’t realize that eating shit makes us not just physically unhealthy but It is not healthy for our mind. What we feed our body and mind is so important. Reading thru this I just realized how much I love I am the way I am. I still have a lot of work to do but people don’t get this stuff and it makes me happy that I do. Makes my life easier. I love the examples a lot. People need that. Theory is not enough, we get to understand things better thru examples. I also love love love the way you explained meditation. I haven’t started yet, hard to get myself into it. But it’s wonderful how you wrote that. While reading this I was just like yes yes yes.. with so much excitement because I get it. And I would love everyone to get it. Im like its sooo simple, if people were thinking like this their life would be so much better and world would be even a more beautiful place. Ohhh, so much that I would write about it, but don’t want to Bother you. This is amazing and congratulations. Great work!!! We can do and achieve whatever we want because our mind is sooo fucking powerful!!!”
– Dragana Simic

“I really enjoyed your book! Thank you for sharing with me. My favorite sections were the Sound Vibrations section and The Affirmations section. Great ones you have on there!! Overall there were many things new to me in this book and I am very familiar with the subject matter.”
– Miranda Martinez

“Congratulations on writing your book!
– It’s a great topic and will help me.
– You do a good job of introducing the topics of affirmation and positive thinking to people who may not be aware of the concepts.”
– Mia Jackson


1 review for Green Light Manifestations (e-book)

  1. Christine Sanders

    Oh wow! Yes. I love this little book. I saw it as a book recommendation on Instagram and omg its everything! I love the way this reads. The author has really great analogies and explains these concepts in a really digestible way. The tips are super practical and I learned so much. I love that the book is not super long and filled with a bunch of fluff. A true handbook.

    Parts I loved:
    – The section on meditation! I like thinking of it as “a date with your energy”. Super clever! Also I like how there were different types of meditation discussed so you can find the one that fits you.
    – The section on how to deal with negative people. I am so tired of people thinking I am crazy or that I need to be “realistic” this section helped me a lot with how to manage the outside pressures.
    – Sound vibrations: This was super interesting because I always knew there was a connection between sound and healing, now I can really put them to use.

    Overall, I think this book was great. I definitely want to get a hard copy though because I need to take notes!! Plus I just love paper 😉

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