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How to Stop the Sabotage!
(as a woman entrepreneur)

Come prepared to network and learn from like-minded women during this interactive, high-energy workshop.

As women entrepreneurs we tend to sabotage our own success in many ways. Some are intentional, most are unintentional. This workshop is going to give you guidance and tools to stop the sabotage and soar to success!

You will learn… 
• How to tell your story as a consultant 
• How to find the right price and stop undercharging for your services 
• How to create passive income online using what you already know 
• How to create a daily ritual for mental and spiritual balance 
• How to get a clear vision of your ultimate lifestyle goals 
• How to manage your time to ALWAYS have time for yourself

This workshop will feel like yoga pants for your mind, giving you concrete recommendations and take-home resources on how to stop sabotaging your success, get better organized in your business and your mind, and start seeing major progress!

You will also learn how to stop…. 
• Doing whatever the client wants VS staying in your wheelhouse 
• Letting anxiety and emotions take over at critical moments 
• Analysis Paralysis: Questioning yourself ALL THE TIME! 
• Saying YES more than NO 
• The “opinion addiction” 
• Comparing yourself to others