“Whatever you think, feel, and imagine intently, you attract. So changing your life begins by simply changing your mind.”
Khadija Jordan

As a Mindset Coach I help women  entrepreneurs who have reached a plateau in their business, manifest the life they want. Everyone thinks that all they need is their next big sale, breakout product, or fascinating piece of press. 

The truth is, happiness doesn’t come after you’ve reached success, happiness comes first, then everything you have ever dreamed of follows. If you are not at peace now, you won’t be after your first million.  After years of running my own businesses and helping others develop theirs, I have found that the secret to true satisfaction is being aligned mentally and spiritually first then developing your profession with purpose and passion to be able to create the life of your dreams. 

Are you ready to transform?

Khadija Jordanw

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My new book, Green Light Manifestations teaches you how to develop a growth mindset and purposeful actions to create the life you want. It is full of hands-on worksheets, homework, and templates to help you actually implement instead of just giving you information.

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The Mindset, Movement, Money Show features brief episodes designed to help for women entrepreneurs train their minds for success, break thru their business growth plateaus and start seeing results in their professional and personal lives. The podcast can be found on iTunes, Stitcherand Castbox


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"In working with Khadija I learned how to take my consulting practice to the next level of growth. She is not only knowledgeable about sales and marketing best practices, but is also a great accountability partner who is caring, supportive, and radiates positive energy. It is the combination of these characteristics that make Khadija a great coach. I highly recommend her!"
Kimberley Jutze
CEO, Shifting Patterns Consulting
"Superior. At our initial meeting Khadija asked thoughtful questions about my ideas and aspirations for growing my commercial art and printing business. I was most impressed with Khadija's understanding of the many variables that affect my business and how these were considered and woven into the plan she presented. I felt Khadija, truly cared about my business and was honestly committed to partnering with me in making good growth oriented decisions."
Cynthia Lewis
CEO, Her Imagery
"Khadija is, quite simply, amazing. She is kind and warm and super smart, and at no time do I ever feel like she's using a cookie-cutter approach to working with me. She’s both my inspiration and my cheerleader, and my personal and professional growth have exploded during the time I’ve worked with her. I am grateful that she’s come into my life. I can’t recommend her enough as a coach."
Natalie Cooper-Berthe
Founder, CEO Toolkits